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' I T  I S  N O T  T H E R E . I T  N E V E R  W A S ' 
O N L I N E  S O L O  E X H I B I T I O N  
M A Y   2 0 2 2

N E X T D O O R  A R I ,  B R I S B A N E ,  (M E A N J I N)  A U S T R A L I A.

'It is not there, It never was' is an interactive website created during a six week online residency that explores shape and form in a digital setting.


The objects that appear display the symbiotic relationship found between synthetic and organic worlds.

The experience gently invites the user to interact with objects in their digital settings, summoning a sensation of fun and calm that soothes the senses.

These forms are initially generated in a virtual space, after being augmented and distorted, the artefacts are plucked when deemed aesthetically ripe, their essence is captured physically by the artist.

They are conjured into the physical realm with the creation of sculptures, paintings or functional objects. These items may find their way back into the digital world, making the practice a cyclical process with its outputs continuously evolving.

Technology acts as the muse of the creative process.


The artworks are expressive responses, relics from a post-digital landscape displaying the relationship between digital and biological realms.

Documentation of desktop images and desktop videos by: Kimberly Stokes.

(All images are Artists own)