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' H E A V E N _ L I K E S _ S C R E E N S ' 
S O L O   E X H I B I T I O N  
D E C E M B E R  2 0 2 2 

S U R E    S T U D I O ,   B R I S B A N E  (M E A N J I N)  A U S T R A L I A


‘Heaven_Likes_Screens’ is a collection of paintings portraying the collaboration of the Artist with AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithms. These technologies act as a muse for the artist or a serendipitous chance that shows itself within the creative practice.


The imagery depicted in the artworks were initially created digitally by the artist, then input into an AI algorithm which attempted to translate the style. Interestingly the AI visual outputs created bold reliefs, colour combinations and textures, giving inspiration for the techniques and aesthetic choices visible in this collection of paintings. 


The technology utilised is a mere tool within this creative process. The artworks only attempt to highlight the collaborative relationship potentials to be had with the technology that currently saturates modern life.


The motifs present in the artworks portray gateways and portals that enter into the digital worlds found in previous paintings. The signature swirling designs represent the lines of communications, relationships, and connections found inside these digital worlds. The monolithic carved stone shapes that appear floating, are smooth yet powerful and contain a hypnotic portal within its centre. 


The portal summons the sensation of a pull into its centre. This is a parallel to the transfixations of online life that modern society seems so accustomed to. Life is to some degree experienced through screens, connecting our physical reality to our digital lives through gateways and portals.


Overall the collection of paintings offers the viewer an insight into how much an art practice can be informed by digital technologies (artificial intelligence) and the physical human act of expressive creativity by the artist.


Screens are very powerful gateways into other worlds, where the possibilities are endless.

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Documentation by Rae Choi

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