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'H Y P E R  R E A L' 
S O L O  E X H I B I T I O N
J U L Y   2 0 2 1



Our reality exists in a universe filled with space, where we are collectively perceived, it is organic and living. 

Hyper reality exists in a universe created online, where we are collectively imagined, it is synthetic and artificial.

A hyper reality is collectively imagined and created online, it is built together with a singular output. 

This world is synthetic made by its designer or architect via code and binary language, it is polished with a plastic feel which lacks human emotion.

It is a designed world existing within servers , accessed and interacted with via computers absorbed and understood via a screen.

The inhabitants of this world exist online via facades, filters or avatars that connect via social media to present a hyper real version of themselves, albeit human-like or fantasy.


‘Hyper Real’ tries to imagine what these abstract ideas look like. Using vibrant and saturated colour palettes, pushing and pulling pixels into chaotic repetitive entanglements, attempting to conjure synthetic worlds.

Each digital composition explores the Abstract concepts of how this technology functions, moves and exists within an imagined snapshot of digital landscapes. 

Over fifty digital compositions were created as part of this particular exploration, a handful have been chosen for print and display.

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Documentation by Jaydon Martin

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