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NAME: Cornelia Van Rijswijk, 1988

LOCATION: Brisbane, Australia.


MOBILE: (+61) 435 941 375 




Cornelia Van Rijswijk was born in Noord Brabant, Netherlands. She could speak and write Dutch and spoke little English at the time. Her family relocated to rural West Wales,(UK) in 1998, she learned to read and write fluently in English and learned Welsh alongside her studies. She had difficulty expressing herself and connecting to peers due to the language and cultural barriers; she sought comfort and escaped into a world of fantasy, expressing herself through drawing, creating short films, drawing comic books  and building her own toys. Cornelia went on to  study Foundation Art and Design at University of Wales, Trinity Saint David in 2008 and went on to study Graphic and Media Design at University of the Arts London, (London College of communication) studying under artist Charley Peters, lecturer Stuart Varley and Iate illustrator Paul Bowman, she completed her studies in 2011. 

Whilst living in London In 2012, her creative practice looked at subcultures that existed on the internet, exploring how these subcultures communicated their ideas through fashion and music expressing themselves through virtual hangouts on tumblr , facebook and instagram. From this she created an online fashion brand along with an online persona, IRL LDN  was born  (In Real Life London). The concept explored the relationship of IRL and URL life, how images/ideas were appropriated and regurgitated, losing their aura in the process, a style finding its place in the new aesthetic a coin termed by Bruce Sterling  for Wired magazine April (2012). Her Designs were sold world-wide and worn by pop princess Charli XCX and British girl group Little Mix. She collaborated  on a collection with photographer Maisie Cousins in 2014, creating a co-ord set, four images were provided by Cousins and the garments were designed and handmade by Van Rijswijk. The project ‘IRL LDN’ ceased in 2017, as Van Rijswijk was eager to move on to new mediums. 

Working as a graphic designer in Cardiff in 2015, Cornelia found herself collaborating with musician ‘Richard James’, a founding member of the band Gorky's Zygotic Mynci. A ‘Welsh music prize’  and a ‘Welsh BAFTA’ nominee in 2015. She also collaborated alongside Welsh Music Prize nominee,  ‘Accü’  for ‘Cardiff Contemporary Festival 2016’ in a project named ‘Hill of dreams’ which was narrated by British comedian Stewart Lee. Other projects include Locus and Hotel Et Al, where she has provided design consultation and created a surreal psychedelic music video for their music Video ‘Coma Commando’ in February 2020. She took part in Group exhibitions with Tactile Bosch in their exhibition “Garden of Earthly Delights” as part of Cardiff contemporary 2016, as well as a  group exhibition with Phosphorus Collective at Truefest music festival 2017 and a group exhibition at West Wharf Gallery in 2016 as part of The festival of Voice supported by Arts Council Wales.

She is currently  practicing  as a fine artist and video art producer. With interests in philosophy and new technologies and a touch of science fiction, her digital art explores the idea of what our perceived reality is. She is interested in the argument that our reality could be a simulation, an idea posed to us by Swedish Philosopher Nick Bostrom. Wondering which reality we live in, or what realities we are currently creating or will create for our future selves. Cornelia’s Digital Paintings currently explore the ideas of what a digital reality might look like in an abstracted form, using the themes of online communication, technology and the internet as muses. The end result being  chaotic repetitive entanglements that conjure synthetic worlds. 

Her video art has a lo-fi nostalgic quality and aesthetic, her work focuses on the gaze and how we perform in front of the camera or audience, mixed with surreal and saturated psychedelic motion graphics alongside imagery sourced on the internet, she creates a moving image narrative collage shaped from an imagined synthetic scene. She currently resides in  Brisbane, Australia.




My practice has moved into the realm of fine art digital mediums such as films and painting. My work explores the world of online communication technology, digital landscapes and hyper realities.

I imagine what these abstract concepts might look like and how I should best express them.

My latest series of digital paintings were completed in March 2020 and are inspired by the digital world of online communication and connectivity. 

I use vibrant and saturated colour palettes, pushing and pulling pixels into chaotic repetitive entanglements, attempting to conjure synthetic worlds.

Each painting explores the Abstract concepts of how this technology functions, moves and exists within an imagined snapshot of these digital landscapes. 




University of the Arts London, London College of Communication - DipHE


Graphic and Media Design


University of Wales, Trinity Saint David - CertHE.


Foundation studies in Art and Design




2020 Platypus - I saw it first, Third Quarter Gallery - Brisbane , AUS 


2017 Phosphorus, Baskerville Hall - Cardiff, UK


2016  Tactile Bosch, The Coal Exchange - Cardiff, UK

2016  Festival of Voice, West Wharf Gallery - Cardiff, UK






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